Our Members

Currently, there are 14 members of the Panel. Twelve have been nominated by the four local authorities – Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire and Powys. The other two are independent members who are chosen via a recruitment process by the Panel. Their membership lasts for four years.

The positions of Chair and Vice Chair are appointed by the Panel on an annual basis.

The current Panel Chair is Professor Ian Roffe, an independent member, and the Vice Chair is Cllr. Keith Evans from Ceredigion County Council.

Panel members are happy to be contacted directly by anyone wishing to give a view or request information regarding their work.


Payments to members

Payments 2012-13 (.xls)

Payments 2013-14 (.xls)

Payments 2014-15 (.xls)

Payments 2015-16 (.xls)

Payments 2016-17 (.xls)

Payments 2017-18 (.xls)

Payments 2018-19 (.xls)

Payments 2019-20 (.xls)

Payments 2020-21 (.xls)

Payments 2021-22 (.xls)

Payments 2022-23 (.xls)

Have your say...

We welcome your views and are happy to consider any questions submitted to us at our next meeting. Please remember – it must be related to the work of the Panel for them to consider it. Email us DPPandCrimepanel@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

Individual Panel members can also be contacted directly.